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By: Mahurangi Matters 17 March 2021 You Say Online

We asked our Facebook followers if the Puhoi to Warkworth (Ara Tūhono) motorway should be tolled. Here are some of the responses:

Si Hawken No, as we in the north are constantly having to put our hands in our pockets for more infrastructure. Should have put a toll on Waterview Tunnels. Probably should have left the tolls on the Harbour Bridge. That would have paid for a lot of infrastructure projects.

Jess BurrowsYes, but just add 50 cents or $1 to the existing one.
Leo Fels Of course not, but will saying that make any difference? North of Auckland is being unfairly targeted. Where else on any recently built motorways in and out of Auckland has there been a toll charge set? Only the Orewa to Johnstones Hill tunnels section – yes, the north of Auckland!

Olive-Ann Den Hertog (Abridged) Not for residents of Rodney, yes for everyone else. Sure, there are free alternate routes but no one wants all the local daily traffic taking that or they won’t be safe for anyone, including all the residents of those areas. The whole idea of the new highway is to make roads safer for the people who travel them every day, so don’t toll the new road and make us pay for safety!

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