Mahurangi Matters 17 February 2021 - Off the Record

By: Mahurangi Matters 17 February 2021 Off the Record

Be prepared
A Mahurangi holidaymaker, who had to catch a bus from the Bay of Plenty to Auckland over New Year, was impressed with the driver’s no-nonsense approach to Covid requirements. “When we cross the border, put on a mask. If you haven’t got a mask, use your t-shirt.”

When desperation sets in to find that lost ball at the Warkworth Golf Club.
When desperation sets in to find that lost ball at the Warkworth Golf Club.

Sign of the times
Imagine a certain journalist’s dismay when she asked her young relative to pop into the dairy and pick-up a copy of the NZ Herald, and the youngster asked: “What does it look like?” This was followed by the equally distressing question: “Is there any particular Herald you want?” The journo responded dejectedly: “Today’s issue would be nice.”
Snorers beware
An elderly Warkworth customer who enquired at a local shop if they had anything to stop her husband snoring was a little surprised at the response. “Have you tried chloroform?”

Offended in Warkworth
The Warkworth Museum Op Shop has been the focus of a one-woman crusade. She took offence at a sign that said ‘shoplifters beware – cameras are operating. Big brother is watching you.’ She told store staff it was offensive and that it showed a lack of understanding about the origin of the term ‘big brother.’ Indeed, staff say they still don’t understand. However, after repeated unpleasant encounters with the woman, staff have capitulated and taken the sign down. They have decided to replace it with ‘big sister is watching you.’ Perhaps the woman could pay a visit to the Puhoi Pub …

Poster re-think
It seems Auckland Transport has had a re-think about the safety of advertising on the bus shelter on Whitaker Road, near Walton Avenue. After declaring the shelter safe in response to a recent letter to Mahurangi Matters, the poster blocking motorists’ view has been removed. A small win for people power!

Communication snafu
For some reason the Northland District Health Board texted a Covid test result for the source of a Mahurangi Matters story, not to the source but to the newspaper. Have no fear, Ricky, you are negative for Covid-19. Still no word on the STD test, though.


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