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By: Tracey Lawton

The Sentinel (Jack Reacher 25)

The Sentinel (Jack Reacher 25)

By Lee and Andrew Child
Penguin Random House, rrp $37.00

Another brilliant Jack Reacher novel, but this time Lee Child collaborates with brother Andrew. Jack Reacher gets off a bus in Nashville looking for food, somewhere to spend a night, and hopefully some good country music. Naturally, he finds himself embroiled in a saga involving a band and their employer. However, this is just the appetizer. The main story unfolds after Jack gets a lift from an insurance agent heading from Nashville to a small town where the town’s computers have all been hacked. I thought the story was well-paced and the few twists and turns kept me hooked throughout. Excellent Christmas holiday reading, and Jack Reacher fans should be happy.

Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart

By Miriam Lancewood, Allen & Unwin, rrp $36.99

This is the sequel to the very popular Woman In The Wilderness. I haven’t read the first book, but that did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying Wild At Heart. Miriam grew up in the Netherlands, but moved to New Zealand after meeting her future Kiwi husband in India.  They have lived in the New Zealand bush for over seven years, but this book follows their travels in Europe. We follow their trail as they walk through France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and head to Turkey. They camp in the forests and eat what they find along the way.  They then fly to Australia for a book event and take up a stranger’s offer to spend some time with like-minded people in Western Australia before exploring the desert. It’s a fascinating read, and if there was an apocalypse, I would go and live in the bush with Miriam. She’s inspirational and a survivor.

Tracey Lawton


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