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By: Mahurangi Matters 18 November 2020 You Say Online


We asked our Facebook followers if the public sale of fireworks should be banned in New Zealand. Here are some of the responses …

Jennie Argyle It should be managed for public display. It is mad to have explosives available to the public. They don’t research the wildlife or any animal life in the area. They don’t care about the autistic kid next door who is panicking frantically. And they certainly don’t care about the dog that runs away. “Managed” would mean research and accountability and advertising.

Steven Godfrey Everyone says public displays, but the truth is there are not enough licensed operators to go around. Two big shows were canned this year as the guy passed away. I’m guessing we would still have between 100 and 120 people who can do the displays – plus funding them is always hard.

Sacha McFarlane Burns Yes, yes, yes, please. Dotterels, godwits and other very rare birds having chicks around this time of the year. Ban the boom.

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