Retailers seething over planned Neville St closure

Warkworth retailers are furious at a planned partial closure of Neville Street by Auckland Transport (AT). Retailers and café owners on Neville Street complain the closure will be devastating for businesses and threatens their livelihoods and...... Read More

Turtle Rescue

More than 100 turtles urgently need new homes after pouring into Auckland Reptile Rescue. The Whangateau-based service is at full capacity, caring for around 150 turtles, and wants to find people willing to adopt them. Turtles are regularly dropped...... Read More

Te Arai Weir

Environmental groups and farmers are furious that a controversial weir on Te Arai stream remains largely intact after being led to believe that it would be removed entirely by the end of January. The groups say the weir, installed by developer Te Arai...... Read More

Te Whau Walkway

A bureaucratic bungle has allowed a recently opened Rodney walkway to become overgrown with weeds and fall into a state of disrepair. The blunder came to light after Snells Beach resident Colin Coupe complained to Auckland Council about the state of...... Read More

Bill & The Beanstalk

The Northern Action Group (NAG) will initiate High Court action to try to overturn a Local Government Commission (LGC) decision that would keep north Rodney within the Auckland Supercity. NAG chair Bill Townson says his group believes there are several...... Read More

Matakana Primary School Pedestrian Crossing

Parents fighting for a proper pedestrian crossing in Matakana Road have vowed not to give up, despite Auckland Transport (AT) deciding that the area outside the primary school warrants neither a crossing nor a 40km/h school zone speed limit. Since...... Read More

Fuel tax threat to Rodney transport hopes

Rodney councillor Greg Sayers will fight to exclude Rodney from an Auckland regional fuel tax, saying the money raised will do nothing to improve transport in Rodney and may, in fact, divert resources away from Rodney. The incoming Government has announced...... Read More


Auckland Transport (AT) is asking for public feedback on its latest fix for Hill Street in Warkworth. AT is proposing to install a time-controlled barrier, similar to those used at railway crossings, to control access to Elizabeth Street during the...... Read More

Some dog owners

Runner Jackie Russell takes seriously Mahatma Gandhi’s advice to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” That thinking has led her to risk her neck scrambling down muddy banks to gather up and properly dispose of plastic bags...... Read More

Snells Beach Tree

  Contractors armed with chainsaws and axes brought to an end the campaign to save an historic Norfolk pine at Snells Beach last Thursday. Despite a last minute stand by Auckland resident Charlie Cottrell-Jury, who climbed the tree at 5.30am...... Read More