Books - February 2020 Reads

By: Tania Casey

I am sure that every book lover has a pile of books that are sitting at home just waiting to be read.  This year, I have decided to go through my pile and share some of them with you.  Here are two classic novellas, which I encourage you to read, if you haven’t already.

Of Mice and Men
by John Steinbeck 

One of my favourite books is The Grapes of Wrath by the same author, so I was looking forward to reading this. Published in 1937 it is set in Soledad, California.  We follow two friends George and Lennie, who are starting new jobs as farmhands. They spend their time daydreaming of the possibility of one day owning their own farm. Lennie is as strong as an ox but is a simple man. He is guided by George who regularly tries to keep him out of trouble. Steinbeck paints such touching characters and his scenes are described in perfect detail that it is very easy to imagine them. A beautiful captured moment about an unlikely friendship with such an unexpected ending. This is a book that can be read again and again.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
by Truman Capote

I must confess that I had only seen the movie and thought that I knew this book. Boy, was I wrong.  Published in 1958, this novella is so much more than the film. It’s told through the eyes of an aspiring writer set in New York in the 1940s who begins a friendship with Holly Golightly.  Holly is a beautiful woman with a mysterious past, who lives downstairs in the writer’s apartment block. She is a society girl who spends her time mixing with playboy millionaires and gangsters. Although the writer becomes very close to her, she never reveals her true self. Capote’s colourful writing style and the direct way that he describes his characters would have shocked readers at the time. This edition also includes three short stories – House of Flowers, A Diamond Guitar and A Christmas Memory – which are all brilliant in their own right.

Tania Casey


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