Fishing - Plenty to fish for

The bluefin tuna annual run has finished and the average size of these fish has been somewhat larger than previous years. Bluefin have been landed for the first time in years from Waihi Bay, with boats fishing past Mayor Island around the 1000m mark. We...... Read More

Fishing - Mixed blessings

This last month the weather has definitely not played fair. Feedback has been scarce as there have been very few days where the wind has not blown or it hasn’t rained. Nevertheless, some of the more hardy have gone and had a fish. There...... Read More

Fishing - Snapper in the shallows

Boat anglers who have gone out fishing in the last few weeks since we have moved out of Alert Level 2 and 3, have given mixed reports of successful snapper catches. It appears that those who have reported that fishing in shallow waters in depths of 10m...... Read More

Fishing - Thinking outside the boat

I am sure for all of you boat owners it was tortuous under Levels 4 and 3 to look at the boat and not be able to use it. With the wonderful weather we were experiencing, every boatie must have been chomping at the bit wishing he could get...... Read More

Awaiting the call

The last few weeks have seen the continuation of some great weather up here on the Coast, which has seen many people getting out on the water and a continued busy time for the Hibiscus Coastguard unit. The downside of this for those of us that rely...... Read More

Fishing - Plentiful pelagics

If it’s pelagics you are targeting, then I am sure you have done well lately. Yellowfin tuna seem to be making a comeback in our area after many years of absence and can be caught from the Mokohinau Islands area and around Great Barrier Island....... Read More

Care with flares needed

The unit has continued to be very busy despite continued high winds over much of the holiday season that have not made for the best conditions for getting out on the water. A large number of the work we undertake involves responding to breakdowns of...... Read More

Dodging the Jonah tag

Auckland Anniversary weekend has been a bumper as people have enjoyed the calmer and hotter weather. I had the opportunity of spending it fishing in the Warkworth Game Fishing Club’s One Base tournament, which is held annually and based out of...... Read More

Kayaker causes major callout

In the column last month, I noted that the number of callouts for the unit had been increasing and over the past few weeks that has not let up – this will only increase as the Christmas and New Year holiday approaches. One callout in particular...... Read More

Fishing - Snapper snapping

It seems that we are never going to get respite from the relentless winds that have plagued us through spring. November has seen the snapper become prolific biters as they go through their spawning time. As they congregate in the deeper waters over the...... Read More