Fishing - Look out for bluefin

June brings us to the shortest day and the longest night. The good news is the days get longer from the June 22, so keep your heads up and keep on fishing. For those who are interested in the bluefin tuna run, June normally produces sporadic schools...... Read More

Fishing - Finding big fish

As we get closer to the winter months, the larger kingfish are lurking around. From most accounts, live baits and deep diving lipped lures seem to work when trolling around the deeper reefs. Spearfishermen are also seeing a lot of great sized kingies. This...... Read More

Fishing - Wonderful catches

March has certainly been a crazy month. With the first week lost to lockdown, boaties were left stranded. Thankfully, it was a week of really bad weather, so nothing lost! As we are approaching the colder part of the year, snapper will start feeding up...... Read More

Cup benefits Coastguard

Congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand for an amazing win and also congratulations to the Italian team for putting up a great challenge throughout the regatta. I was lucky to be watching the final race at the viaduct along with many thousands...... Read More

Fishing - Monster fish from days gone by

Although we all like to boast about the big one we’ve caught, we must admit that when we listen to stories of the fish our fathers and grandfathers caught, there were some real monster fish. Each week, I have the privilege to listen to stories...... Read More

Fishing - Bumper benefits of lockdown

What a bumper of a summer we are having. The fishing has been great, as well as the weather. This is the first summer where everybody has caught good fish during December and January. In past years, once the spawning season ended in November, it has been...... Read More

Long nights for Coastguard crew

Firstly, all the crew members at Coastguard Hibiscus would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year! The unit has progressively got busier, as the holiday season started and with the commencement of the America’s Cup racing. Coastguard...... Read More

Strong crew numbers for summer

The past few weeks have seen the Hibiscus Coastguard Unit become increasingly busy. Last Sunday saw a very early start for one of our crews that started with a call from our operations room the previous evening. As Hibiscus was the duty rescue vessel...... Read More

Fishing - Epic workups

November has had some great excitement as the baitfish have been plentiful in the Gulf area. From Pakiri Beach across to Great Barrier and down to Rangitoto, there have been schools of baitfish moving around. The workups that have resulted have been...... Read More

Fishing - World record-breaking kingfish

Fishers eagerly look forward to the summer each year. November brings the snapper on thick and easy, as they school up in large numbers and prepare for their annual ritual of spawning. Labour weekend saw some good snapper catches in depths of 30...... Read More