Warkworth crossings spark heated public criticism

By: Craig Powell

A Warkworth-Wellsford bus driver has added her voice to a flurry of complaints about the siting of to new pedestrian crossings in Warkworth.

Heather Moyle, who drives the 998 bus, says the crossings are too close to the roundabout at the bottom of Neville Street, where it intersects with Queen Street and Baxter Street.

She says shortly after the crossings were installed, she had to brake sharply to avoid an elderly gentleman who stepped onto the crossing without warning. This, in turn, forced another vehicle to brake heavily to avoid running into the bus.

Heather says bus drivers have precious little time to spot pedestrians as their eyes are elsewhere when they emerge from the roundabout and straighten up.

“It’s too difficult to negotiate the roundabout then immediately have to deal with the pedestrian crossing. It’s dangerous,” she says. Read more


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