Mahurangi Matters - Letters 12 December 2018

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Tale of two blokes
Christmas when it is boiled down is, I reckon, mainly about two blokes. One from the North Pole and the other from heaven. The bloke from the North Pole comes every Christmas, weighed down with gifts for girls and boys – if they have been good. He gets it all done in a single night, making him one superdude. He is always welcomed by children and parents alike. Everyone loves him whom we call Santa. The other bloke came only once, a long time ago as a baby and, except for a few smelly sheep herders and three exceptionally smart philosophers from a country far away, was not welcomed at all. In fact, the king wanted to “do him in”. Two blokes, poles apart? Not so, they both came with gifts. The northern bloke with toys for girls and boys. The other from heaven offering his gift of eternal life.
Ray Slaney, Warkworth

For four
The debate on the Matakana link road (MM November 28) is a perfect example of decision-makers in their ivory towers not knowing our unique situation here. It should be a four-lane road, no question about it. The obvious reason is very clear to those of us that travel the Sandspit Road and Matakana Road on a regular basis. When summer is here and the roads are extra busy, the local body in their infinite wisdom will dig up two of the lanes for repairs, bringing it back to two lanes. Am I right or am I right?
Chas Benest, Snells Beach


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