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The youth wave

A wave of youth activation and participation is rolling on to our shores. Parliament has recently received its youngest MP in 42 years, the Green Party’s Chloe Swarbrick (23). On a local level, Rodney’s youngest Local Board member, Tessa...... Read More

A pain in the ... toe!

I’ve just worked out that it is only 10 weeks until Christmas. No, I am not an early shopper (although every year, I swear I will be more prepared) but I was planning our staff Christmas party. So here comes the eating, drinking and being merry...... Read More

Time to ditch electronic devices

Welcome summer, our elusive friend. Hopefully, the season will bring us all the vitamin D and outdoor enjoyment we need to boost our feel-good factor very soon. We’ll move our bodies and expand our physical and natural environments with picnics,...... Read More

The Price is Right

No, not another lame TV show, but a reference to the acronym PRICE. P for Protection, R for rest, I for Ice, C for compression and E for Elevation. This is the protocol for acute soft tissue injury care. For example, sprained joints and muscles, bruises,...... Read More

But weight – there’s more

I weighed myself the other day. The scales said “ahem” kilos. Then I worked out my BMI and found it to be slightly north of ideal. Then I looked up my old medical records and found out that I had put on 12 kilos in the last 20 years! Maybe...... Read More

Use your loaf

Twenty million loaves of bread are thrown away in New Zealand every year. It’s hard to believe that so many uneaten crusts, stale slices and mouldy bread could be wasted. Bread is a staple ingredient but you may find you only ever use it for toast...... Read More

Growing old’s not for wimps

Towards the end of this month I am turning 80. I feel like I need to say it often to myself to be convinced that I really will be 80 years old. I don’t know of anyone in my family who has lived to my age and I am grateful for good health and vitality. I...... Read More

Re-learning to sit up straight

Many of us work in desk-based roles that require sitting at desks and workstations for prolonged periods. The postures and practices that you adopt during the day can have a significant impact on your risk of developing pain, fatigue or stress, as well...... Read More

A winter’s tale

As we approach the end of the lambing and calving “spring” period (euphemism for winter), a number of farmers have already told me they are “over it”. It is a time of long work hours and this winter seems to have been particularly...... Read More

Planning your home orchard

At this time of year, the occasional burst of sunshine is enough to create a general rush to garden centres to buy fruit trees and plants. Before you join in, just stop and do a little planning first. The first step is working out what crops will grow...... Read More