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Find your fun

When I was 14 years old I was hit by a car and died, twice. I was told if I fully recovered movement it would be laboured and my body would be arthritic by the time I reached the age of 40. I decided to prove them wrong and do more – of everything....... Read More

Cool welcome

This summer has been a good one for gardeners, with lots of heat and rain providing ideal conditions for growth.  However, I have to admit the subtropical conditions have left me a little exhausted. I can see why outdoor workers in tropical countries...... Read More

Vintage variations

I’m not going to dwell on the wet weather. NIWA’s predictions of higher than average rainfall in late summer, which I detailed in my last column, came true. It’s a tough one for winegrowers, but we persevere. Winegrowers often need to...... Read More

Control devices

Today we are having to parent our way through things that we ourselves were not parented through. I’m talking specifically about technology. One of our jobs as parents is to put in limits for our children to help them flourish. I notice in my own...... Read More

Be selective

In a circular put out by the recreational fishing advocacy group Legasea earlier this month, it was stated that “Crayfish stocks are in crisis” in the Hauraki Gulf. Indeed, crayfish numbers are now at an all-time low. This, in turn, creates...... Read More

Brush up your smile

For many people, both men and women, their wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days in their life. They will put painstaking effort in to get the dress, shoe, bag and make-up sorted, but none of these are prettier than a healthy, attractive...... Read More

Pre-nuptial agreements

Once upon a time, when most people got married, had children and lived happily ever after, there was little need to consider having a pre-nuptial agreement unless, of course, you were a rich and famous movie star! Nowadays we have kids, might or might...... Read More

Easter eats

The kids are back at school and 2018 is well and truly in full swing. All the adored start-of-the-year holidays have been cashed in. Never fear, however, because Easter is around the corner and with that comes sweet treats. Yippee! We have one little...... Read More

Intestinal fortitude

Arguably one of the most underrated aspects of our anatomy with respect to the impact it has on our health is the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT). But, ironically, in some ways it is not really part of us. Some health professionals consider the GIT to be...... Read More

Turning the tables

I had a medical procedure the other day. I won’t go into details except to say it was undignified, but necessary. Fortunately it showed that I hadn’t contributed to my family history of bowel cancer. I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, because...... Read More