Health & Lifestyle

Age – is it just a number?

Humans really are an unusual, diverse and incredible species. I have long been fascinated by this kaleidoscope of individuality – we often see those who act, look and behave as though they are 50 years old, or even younger, when they are in fact...... Read More

Women's Centre - Cruel comparisons

Throughout history it has been said that “comparison is the thief of joy”. These words alert us to the dangers of comparing ourselves to others. This notion has gained momentum in recent years, as more people reflect on the impact on our mental...... Read More

Nutrition - Eating for healing

About the time that this column is due to be published, I will be a couple of days from having knee surgery. Thankfully it is only a minor procedure, but even so, any surgery causes trauma to the body. To aid recovery from that trauma, and to get you...... Read More

Science - Covid complacency

Perhaps the greatest current pandemic risk to New Zealand arises from a growing complacency that  we have suppressed Covid 19 and therefore have defeated the pandemic. At some stage in the future, we will open our borders and will seek to travel...... Read More

The ‘seven dwarves’ of menopause

A pharmacist colleague of mine once aptly described the symptoms of menopause as ‘The Seven Dwarves of Menopause’: namely Itchy, B***y, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful and Psycho! If you are feeling this way, you are certainly not alone....... Read More

Cuisine - The versatile carrot

The chilly winter temperatures mean two things in the culinary world – it’s time for heartwarming soups and stews. Root vegetables are the base of so many good soups, and they are now, having endured a frost or two, juicier, sweeter and more...... Read More

A friendly ambush

I am walking down the street for my first morning walk and a nice lady with a dog is coming towards me. I don’t pay attention as it is going to be another meaningless passing of two humans minding their own business. Well, there is a twist: the...... Read More

Monthly round-up from local emergency services

Dozens of Police were involved in a major operation on Monday, May 10 after a firearms incident in Ōrewa led to an extensive search involving the Police helicopter and Pine Valley Road in Dairy Flat being closed for eight hours. A 42-year-old man was...... Read More

Actions louder than words

 If you are interested in nutrition or weight loss you will know that the amount of information available on these topics is overwhelming. Diet ideas, food fads, recipes, before and after pictures and endless posts on social media. There are so...... Read More

Homebuilders - Unravelling the teenage brain

Homebuilders had the pleasure of hosting a presentation day in partnership with Brainwave Trust at the end of March. The day was a roaring success, and we welcomed over 40 individuals and families into our space on the day. The feedback has been positive,...... Read More