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Grow your own

Homebuilders has a new workshop series to encourage people to grow and eat some of their own food.  It’s taught by passionate gardener, cook and author of Grow Your Own Kai, Lisa Talbot. The workshops will be fun – Lisa is also a comedian...... Read More

Fuel Saving Tips

Love it or loathe it, the reality is that the controversial regional fuel tax is now here. While the rest of the country is no doubt wondering what all the fuss is about given that they were already paying more at the pump, those of us in Auckland are...... Read More

Snug in the greenhouse

In the darkest depths of winter there is nowhere in the garden that I’d rather be than cooped up snugly in my greenhouse. It can be howling a gale, teeming with rain or crackly with frost, and I’m dry, warm and happy. As are my plants. This...... Read More

Are you truly hungry?

Do you notice that when the temperature drops you feel hungrier than usual? If so, you are not alone. Recently, I’ve had many clients complaining of hunger and this seems to happen every winter. If the body is working hard to stay warm it makes...... Read More

Food intolerance

The last column I wrote was about food allergies versus food intolerance. I explained how we test for allergies, but how can we test for intolerance? There isn’t really a definitive test, but more of a process to investigate what may be going on. Firstly,...... Read More

Scratching the surface

Chronic itch is a very unpleasant condition that is seen often in general practice and can be mysterious and hard to treat. We call it pruritus, from the Latin word for itch.  On one hand scratching an ordinary itch is one of the great pleasures...... Read More

Fresco’s panfried hapuka

This recipe, which includes mussel hash cakes, ginger tomato buerre blanc and green beans, is among the popular ‘fish of the day’ selections at Fresco Family Restaurant & Bar in Gulf Harbour. Ingredients Serves 4 600g hapuka fillet (or any...... Read More

Prepare for icy winter

I’m not a betting man but, given the recent weather patterns, it’s looking like this might be a cold winter coming. After the relatively mild winter last year and the near-tropical summer we just had, this might take a bit of adjustment for...... Read More

Three cheers for community support

Homebuilders Family Services is an NGO, which stands for non-government organisation. As an NGO, Homebuilders receives approximately 65 per cent of its funding from the government through the Ministry of Social Development. Homebuilders also applies for...... Read More

Bored of awards

Envelope please ... and the award goes to ... and the winner is ... and this year’s champion is ... Who doesn’t love awards, medals and trophies?  Answer: me. Don’t get me wrong here, I love to see quality rewarded and effort acknowledged,...... Read More