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Community gardening

The challenge of our time is to create and maintain sustainable communities, and to that end we now have a Seed Savers group here on Whangaparaoa Peninsula with monthly meetings held at Whangaparaoa Library.   The next meeting will be held on May...... Read More

Pitfalls of an annual WoF

Are you an owner of a car manufactured since 2000 and therefore enjoying the ‘luxury’ of only needing an annual Warrant of Fitness (WoF)? Are you perhaps guilty of neglecting the maintenance of your vehicle as a result and believe an annual...... Read More

Turning on to turmeric

It’s the latest trend in so-called ‘super foods’ with claims that it can treat arthritis, heart disease and even help people with diabetes. At the extreme end of things, people are hoarding bags of the yellow stuff, the internet is...... Read More

A thing of beauty

The onset of autumn heralds the flowering of many orchids; glorious flowers that last for weeks, bringing delightful colour points to the garden. Although I’m not an orchid expert or an avid collector, this is a group of plants that attracts a devoted...... Read More

Trauma in babies

It is important we don’t underestimate the impact of experiences on babies. Because babies don’t communicate with verbal language, we often make the mistake of thinking that they are not affected by their surroundings. However, babies’...... Read More

More help with rent

Recent changes to the Government’s Accommodation Supplement mean that many local people on a low income or benefit may be able to get extra financial help. The Accommodation Supplement is a weekly payment to help cover, rent, mortgage or board...... Read More

Wise planning pays

One of the easiest ways to reduce your food waste is to buy what you need, and eat what you buy. But anyone who has set foot in a supermarket knows that is easier said than done. Supermarkets can be overwhelming, with treats on offer, new products to...... Read More

Hair today

One of my domestic chores is cleaning out the shower drain. This involves using tweezers to pick out disgusting clumps of matted hair and soap. None of the hair is mine. I blame the women in my house who seem to moult all year round. What fascinating...... Read More

Warm winter pies

I’ve never been a fan of apple strudel, apple pies from the bakery or the fruity bits in yoghurt. I like fresh fruits with firm textures. I don’t like squidgy preserved fruit at all, though I must say I am not adverse to jams. But the recipe...... Read More

Food allergy vs intolerance

With the growing awareness of people being gluten and dairy free, there seems to be much confusion around the issue of food allergies and intolerances. A food intolerance is very different to an allergy. Let’s begin with a definition of each to...... Read More