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Cuisine - Fabulous fritters

My latest cuisine column comes at the request of an amazing single father looking for a cracker fritter recipe for his hauls of fresh shellfish. This recipe, with accompanying dip, is super-easy and can be used with fresh mussels, cockles, pipis or tuatuas....... Read More

Science - Cars of the future

Reviewing the exceptional characteristics of the most advanced autonomous electric vehicles (such as the Volvo 360c), it becomes apparent that we are observing a transformation in the nature and functions of the automobile itself.   The transformation...... Read More

Health - Fighting flu

There have been some pretty ugly flu-type symptoms around lately: fevers, aches, pains, accompanied by diarrhoea, vomiting and a pretty good cough, too. It always seems true to human form that when we are stuck in the wrath of a flu or similar, we are...... Read More

An unsung hero

There are some organs in the body that don’t get enough credit – when was the last time you thought about your pituitary gland, for example?  I can tell you that, despite its anonymity, none of us would be alive without it. It’s...... Read More

Lime and fig slow roasted lamb shanks

The days might be slowly getting longer but the nights are still cool as we near spring. To enjoy the last of the satisfying hearty winter meals, these slow roasted lamb shanks are just the thing. Try them for a lazy Sunday dinner with a glass of red...... Read More

Weight loss easy in Winter

People tell me all the time that summer is the best season to lose weight. The theory goes that in summer it is easy to exercise more and eat light foods.  Barbecues mean simple meals of meat and salad and during those particularly hot weeks, humidity...... Read More

Homebuilders - Winter warmers

Yes, winter is here which means that we now have to survive through the colder months. This cold, damp weather also brings extra costs for heating. There is a huge amount of scientific research that shows the negative impact on people living in cold,...... Read More

Easy classic chewy Brownie

With the school holidays around the corner this is a tasty classic that kids just love to make as a treat food. It’s a great idea getting kids involved early with stirring or weighing out ingredients. I always remember licking the spoon as my favourite...... Read More

The skinny on skin

“You gotta have skin. All you really need is skin. Skin’s the thing that if you got it outside, It helps keep your insides in.” I like this old Allen Sherman song. We really do gotta have skin but we have a strange relationship with...... Read More

Fearful children

Children hitting or throwing something because someone looks at them wrong; silently freezing because others might be watching; running away because they can’t face an assessment, or screaming as their mother says goodbye … Teachers across...... Read More