Health & Lifestyle

Science - The motoring revolution

We are at the start of an extraordinary and exciting decade of evolution in automotive technology – progressing from internal combustion vehicles, to hybrid electric vehicles, to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, to plug-in electric vehicles, to...... Read More

Health - Sweet destruction

Sugar is an interesting topic – especially if you are trying to cram into last year’s swimsuit after lockdown indulgences. There seems to be a myriad of misunderstandings around sugar, I hope to clarify a few things. The sugar story starts...... Read More

Cuisine - Always seasonal, always local

One of the joys of living at Omaha Beach is the extraordinary number of farm stands offering freshly picked produce grown in the fertile soils of Omaha Flats. Year round, there’s always something to buy, and, due our temperate climate, this tiny...... Read More

Spring in a syrup

Plants that wake when others sleep, hills soon splashed with wild flowers, grass a new and richer shade of green and the air scented with fresh and familiar smells. Papatūānuku is breathing and she makes me swoon. So much food adventure to reconnect...... Read More

Be kind to yourself

‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’ stated the remarkable Oscar Wilde. This statement has more weight now than ever. During the peak of Covid-19 and the lockdown, many of us were checking on vulnerable neighbours looking...... Read More

Country Living - Beautiful inside and out

Unpacking my groceries during lockdown, I noticed a few items that were not on my list. They were purchased by my husband who was the nominated grocery shopper. There were two packets of warm brown home hair dye, a home waxing kit and red nail polish....... Read More

Homebuilders - Essential self-care

As we head out of lockdown and back into our lives it may be worth taking a minute to ask ourselves how are we at self-care? It would be so easy to fall back into the busyness trap.  This is driven by living in a fast-paced, hectic world that equates...... Read More

Beer - Dealing to the Dark Side

Somehow, 2020 has managed to simultaneously feel like both the shortest and longest year ever. It seems only yesterday we were enjoying the long tail of summer, and Covid-19 was something only news-nerds had heard of. Yet somehow the shutdown month of...... Read More

Why the repeats?

If you get prescriptions for regular medications from the pharmacy, you might have been surprised that you now have to pick up any three monthly prescriptions in monthly lots or ‘repeats’. Firstly, you need to know that that you will only...... Read More

Lemony awesomeness, courtesy of Nanna

Lemons are as essential as garlic or salt. Driving around the place on my foraging missions, it seems no Hibiscus Coast garden is without a lemon tree and there is such a glut of fruitful alchemy out there at this time! What other fruit does a cook...... Read More