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Baked Christmas ham and peaches

I hope you have enjoyed the recipes I have offered out of my personal collection and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I do hope you get to spend it with loved ones and share this lovely baked ham and peaches...... Read More

A final look into the future

This will be my last column for Hibiscus Matters. I’ve been knocking out 400 words just about every month for four years, and frankly I’ve run out of things that are wrong with me so have no more material. My editor has, trustingly, allowed...... Read More

Health - Back to basics

If you are old enough, you may remember the TV advertisement from the 80s with the slogan “don’t use your back like a crane!” Well, some of the message was good but it is, of course, now truly outdated. Believe it or not, bed rest was...... Read More

Cusine - High tea sweeties

One of my favourite things about warm summer weather is a garden high tea – as I’ve mentioned in my past summertime columns. I love getting out the bone china tea cups and saucers for my visitors, popping some sweet goodies on some vintage...... Read More

Science - Mega bushfires

The recent news from across the Tasman during the early summer months has been dominated by reports of exceptional bushfires in Queensland and New South Wales. The appearance of these destructive fires has led to loss of life, damage to homes and loss...... Read More

Pharmacies under pressure

Every day I feel privileged to serve my community and look after their health needs. After all, as the saying goes, “the pharmacist is the health professional you see most often”. Whether you have a sore throat, a bite on your arm or...... Read More

Health - Water safety

Finally, we are beginning to feel that summer is here and that likely means long, fun-filled days at the beach or beside the pool. When we have children at the beach, we need to constantly be aware of their whereabouts. The ocean can be a dangerous place. A...... Read More

Spins, turns and squiffiness

I see a lot of dizzy people. It’s really quite a common symptom that patients come to see me about and the interesting thing is the variety of ways in which people describe it. I’ve heard: ‘lightheaded, vertigo, unsteady’. Also...... Read More

Seasonal favourite

Summer is coming right? Well we hope so; whilst the rain is still good for the garden it isn’t that good for the soul! At least we are starting to see some of the new season’s fruit and veg coming into stores. This asparagus recipe is loosely...... Read More

Health - Countering cateracts

Over the last decade, many locals have benefited from having their cataract surgery reliably undertaken at the Rodney Surgical Centre. Since cataract surgery commenced in Warkworth in 2010, there have been quite a few refinements. Ten years ago, all surgery...... Read More