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Fish for thought

The holiday season has seen our roads and beaches overrun by boats of all shapes and sizes, with boaties flocking to the ocean in search of sun, sea and fish. Late last month saw 10 hearty snapper arrive on my doorstep after my partner spent a day on...... Read More

Where there’s a will, there’s a relative

The purpose of a will on the face of it is straightforward. It’s to ensure that on your death your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.  After all, you would think that you could do as you wanted. Well, it’s not so straightforward,...... Read More

Gifts worth giving

We are all aware it is that time of the year. The pressure is on, time is running out and we have to figure out what to buy for the children in our lives. Children often want the latest gizmo, usually the one that is being advertised hard out to them...... Read More

Trees of life

A newspaper article prompted some thinking the other day; it was about the ‘heat island’ effect that is experienced in cities due to the amount of tarmac, concrete and other surfaces found in urban environments. These can increase the temperature...... Read More

Weathering the weather

Wow, what great a start to summer at last! And you certainly notice it more because of the apparently incessant rain and wind of winter and spring. The last few weeks have been fantastic for grape growing, with consistent warm temperatures and little...... Read More

Take a weight off your shoulders

One of the most common injuries that we see in our clinic is what is known as shoulder impingement. You may have heard of it described as bursitis, cuff impingement or rotator cuff impingement. The various names are because there are a number of different...... Read More

You are not alone

Anxiety, depression, poor mental health and stress are words we hear thrown around like candy, but not often do we hear about how to help those who are in the midst of the mental fog. Its been said a million times but a smile and a simple hello can...... Read More

Lovely leftovers

’Tis the season for eating! No matter how much we (over)indulge on Christmas Day, there always seem to be leftovers. Leftovers are a precious part of Christmas, with many Kiwi families counting on them for Boxing Day meals, and beyond. Inevitably...... Read More

Dinner for a good lunch

The gradual rise in temperature seems to have boosted my efficiency. Over the past month, I have turned the soil and replanted the vegetable garden, fibreglass patched a few cracks in the boat, scrubbed the caravan, spring-cleaned the house, and chopped...... Read More

Pitfalls of frequent eating

There are many ideas about what is best when it comes to frequency of eating. Smaller more frequent meals and ‘grazing’ have become trendy in recent years. The theory is that if we eat less but more frequently it reduces the load on our digestive...... Read More