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Nutrition - Bikini body balderdash

Happy New Year! Here we are into those lazy, hazy days of summer that (hopefully) come post-Christmas. Along with that summer weather, comes the message that after our indulgences at Christmas we now need a 12-week body transformation programme or a 10-day...... Read More

Cuisine - Teaching kids the fun of cooking

We’ve now got a generation of kids who live their lives thinking food comes in plastic packages and boxes from the supermarket or maybe ready-made from a drive-through chain takeaway restaurant. There are families in NZ (this makes me sad to write)...... Read More

Police - Happy New Year

What a ride 2020 gave us! In my 15 years in policing, I have never seen the job change so fast as we quickly adapted to lockdowns, face masks and taking on a new angle of keeping our community safe –  this time from Covid 19. Just as we got...... Read More

Time to value nutrition

I watched a fascinating Ted Talk video recently about the importance of sleep. The presenter’s conclusion was that the biggest problem is not people’s lack of sleep, but simply that they don’t value sleep enough. The conclusion was...... Read More

Homebuilders - Nature is nurture

Our family centre has a special focus on the needs of children and promotes the benefits of a long childhood, as free as possible from anxiety. And, if worry or troubles do come along, there will be supports available – free to access locally at...... Read More

Don’t let Christmas be a turkey

With 2020 crashing on us like a wrecking ball, it’s no surprise that for some ‘being jolly’ these holidays might feel a bit of a stretch. But with health being on a lot of people’s minds, the added thought of Christmas just around...... Read More

Cuisine - Festive feasting

Christmas, New Year and the barbecue season. Not only is the festive season coming at us faster than anyone can believe, the warm weather has had everyone out scrubbing their barbecues in anticipation of celebratory times and outdoor eating. I love this...... Read More

Science - Vaccines to the rescue

While New Zealand is among a small group of countries doing well in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, the broader world situation is dire. It’s not surprising, then, that the announcement that the initial Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is 95 per cent...... Read More

Health - Slimming down for summer

If the mere mention of having to squeeze into your summer beach wear is a scary idea, then perhaps this may be of interest. It seems that losing weight is a very hot topic, and there is no shortage of info around in that area. However, like anything...... Read More

Listen up, new mums

Over the years many new mothers and babies have walked through my door, but it was not until mid-October 2017 that I was really able to understand what life was like for a new parent. This is when my daughter Lauren was born. It is with all honesty that...... Read More