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By: Quentn Jukes

Recent changes to the Government’s Accommodation Supplement mean that many local people on a low income or benefit may be able to get extra financial help.

The Accommodation Supplement is a weekly payment to help cover, rent, mortgage or board costs.

Changes, which came in to effect on April 1, mean that some people who previously were unable to get an Accommodation Supplement may now be able to receive it. It also means that many people, who were already getting the payment, will now receive more money each week.

More people are now eligible for the Accommodation Supplement.

We have seen situations where families have had their Accommodation Supplement increase by more than $100 a week and also people who previously had no entitlement to an Accommodation Supplement now receiving up to $50 a week.

The increase in payments have, in general, been most significant for people living in the Snells Beach, Warkworth, Waiwera, Windy Ridge, Algies Bay, Mahurangi and Mangawhai areas.  However, the changes have also had a positive impact on many people in the Wellsford, Leigh, Matakana, Matheson Bay, Point Wells and Tauhoa-Puhoi areas too.

These recent changes mean that many people who had previously applied for the Accommodation Supplement and been turned down, may now be able to receive a payment. The formula used to work out if people are able to receive this extra money is quite complex. We recommend that anyone who is struggling financially should check if they can receive the payment, rather than just assume that they don’t fit the rules.
We welcome anyone to contact us Homebuilders Family Services 425 7048, and we can quickly check if you may qualify. People can also check their eligibility by calling Work and Income on 0800 559 009 and check over the phone if they could receive this weekly payment.

Quentin Jukes, Homebuilders Coordinator


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