TOSSI - Sweet talking kiwi

When talking to Kiwis about kiwi, very few have actually seen one in the wild, but most of us would love to spot the iconic bird in New Zealand’s wilderness. Consequently, when TOSSI asks for volunteers to sit in the dark on winter nights to listen...... Read More

Many hands help at Shakespear

How do you feel about inviting a few friends over to your place for a little rest and recreation? Maybe you’re relaxed about it or perhaps a bit stressed out? Compare your situation with the team at Shakespear Regional Park, who welcome two-thirds...... Read More

Around the Southern Cross

One of the most recognisable constellations in the winter sky is the Southern Cross, also known as Crux. It is so well known that it even appears on our flag, as well as on the flags of Australia, Brazil, Samoa and Papua New Guinea. Many people assume...... Read More

Environment - Dump outdated thinking

Waste Management’s opening answer to questions posed by Mahurangi Matters was: “The reality is a new landfill is required to safely manage the waste produced by the people who choose to live in Auckland …” (MM June 30) Predictably,...... Read More

Fancy feet

Every time I see a heron, I take an extra close look at it – especially when I am on the Hibiscus Coast. The majority of the time it will be our familiar white-faced heron – but every so often one might spot a Pacific reef heron. You can...... Read More

Environment - Turning on trees

Apparently, it’s a Quaker saying that goes something like, “A (wo)man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when she plants shade trees under which she knows full well she will never sit.” But what is the...... Read More

Learning from the old school

My grandparents are legends. They’ve been a big part of my life since the day I was born, frequent attendees at all school shows, and constant supporters of whatever I do. This includes my current work as a sustainable living educator and event...... Read More

Hauturu - Hauturu and science

In 1769 Captain Cook saw Aotea and Te Hauturu o Toi as guardians of the Hauraki Gulf /Tikapa Moana, so named them the Great Barrier and Little Barrier Islands. Hauturu is the highest island in the gulf and is often seen with the peaks of the island wreathed...... Read More

Willing hands at community garden

The community garden in Manly was buzzing earlier this month with a new group proving that you are never too young to get your hands into the soil and start learning the simple craft of gardening. A local home-schooling group looking for a garden to...... Read More

Environment - Philosophy from the sea

In an island nation like ours, it’s pretty easy to access the ocean. And in Mahurangi waters, the sea is warm and protected – a special kind of green. It’s rich in life, breathtakingly beautiful, as lovely as anywhere in the country...... Read More