Knowledge is power

Most New Zealanders probably know that we have an ambitious goal of our country being predator-free by 2050. But how many people really know what that means? How will it be achieved? What will it cost? Who will be involved in the work that needs to be...... Read More

Celestial pairings

Last year will go down as one of the most exciting years in astronomy. Both Saturn and Mars were at their closest points to Earth which made them very easy to spot in the night skies. New planets were discovered in another galaxy, the moon met Venus...... Read More

Community makes a garden

The Manly community garden was originally set up as a demonstration garden to teach horticultural initiatives. When the classes were discontinued, it fell into disuse and was soon overtaken by the kikuyu grass that is so prevalent here. When it was...... Read More

Cruelty to fish

The wise old men of the western Enlightenment didn’t believe animals felt pain. Descartes questioned his own existence, so doubting the intelligence and sentience of animals is probably no surprise. He thought animals were just reflex-driven machines...... Read More

Rethinking waste

Remember the days when the things we bought weren’t packaged in plastic, were built to last, and were repaired when broken? To solve our future waste problems, we need to take a look back at those days. I read a sign recently that said: “If...... Read More

Why I say ‘No’

I am optimistic about the support we have opposing Waste Management’s plans to develop a new landfill south of Wellsford, but also astounded by the opinion voiced by some that, “It’s a done deal, why try stopping it?” I say, don’t...... Read More

Why protect nature?

There are many good reasons for people to conserve biodiversity. Biodiversity is what our lives and ecosystems depend upon, and it includes natural resources that must be used wisely so that they can continue being harvested in the future. Over thousands...... Read More

Marvellous Mahurangi

I love summer! As often as possible, I’m at the beach, swimming and kayaking. My favourite North Island kayaking spot is the Mahurangi. It’s as beautiful as Abel Tasman National Park or Queen Charlotte Sound, but quieter, less hectic and cleaner....... Read More

Safeguarding the Gulf

It was great to hear late last month that the Ministers of Conservation and Fisheries are planning to establish an advisory committee to assist with the implementation of the Sea Change Marine Spatial Plan for Te Moananui-o-Toi (Hauraki Gulf). Several...... Read More

Pines a pain

Pine trees are weeds when they are in the wrong place. According to an estimate made last year by the National Wildling Conifer Control Programme, weed pines could cover 20 percent of New Zealand’s landmass by 2030. Just a few million dollars a...... Read More