Mahurangi Matters Letters - 14 March 2018

By: Mahurangi Matters

Simply incorrect

One Warkworth Business Association wishes to correct a statement made in the article Oaks contractors’ illegal parking hurting local retailers (MM February 28). The article said One Warkworth has done nothing about complaints from a group of retailers about parking issues in Queen and Neville Streets because the chairperson of One Warkworth is an owner of the Oaks development. This is simply incorrect. When members of One Warkworth have raised this issue with One Warkworth, Mr Murphy has stood aside as chairperson of One Warkworth, with myself, as vice-chair, stepping in as chairperson. One Warkworth has then, on behalf of its members, taken the developer to task over the issue. The developer’s response has been to provide off-road parking at its properties at 14 Neville Street, Mill Lane and Whittaker Rd – all locations close to the work site. I understand they have directed all contractors to park at these locations. Kalmar, as the main contractor, has confirmed it actively directs its staff and sub-contractors to park in the off street parking the developer has provided, which should be more than adequate to cater for all parking needs. In reality, there is only so much One Warkworth can do to address this issue. In the meantime, we continue to lobby AT and Auckland Council around the parking requirements of Warkworth and how there simply isn’t enough parking. We have also recently investigated a Park & Ride service for business owners and staff between the Showgrounds and CBD to help alleviate parking problems. One Warkworth welcomes constructive suggestions that may assist, and will continue to proactively discuss this issue with our members.

Mark Macky, vice chairperson, One Warkworth Business Association.

To be clear, the article quoted a business owner who suggested One Warkworth had a conflict of interest. The article itself neither endorsed nor contested this view – Ed.  

Nab contractor parks

I was interested to read the reasons for Auckland Transport not ticketing vehicles parked in Queen Street and Neville Street, Warkworth, by workers from the Oaks on Neville construction site (MM February 28). Apparently, the signage is faulty and this is about to be remedied by the addition of extra signs. The inescapable conclusion is that the signage has been faulty for many years and so residents ticketed during this time could apply to have their fines refunded. As far as shoppers having nowhere to park is concerned, they could park in the area at the junction of Whitaker Road and Mill Lane, provided for workers from the Oaks site, because the workers do not appear to be using it.

John Northcott, Warkworth

Dog control lacking

While walking Omaha Beach on a recent Friday afternoon, I was delighted to see a pair of young dotterels feeding at the water’s edge. They quickly scurried off into the safety of the dunes at my approach.  When I reached the northern end of the beach, I turned to retrace my steps, thinking I may see the birds again. There were a number of other walkers coming towards me and I soon realised quite a few were exercising their, mainly large, dogs. These dogs were not controlled and were running at random, towards me into the dunes and into the sea. There is a serious issue around conservation of a vulnerable bird species and the rights of people to walk their dogs. This is further complicated by people ignoring the time restrictions for dogs on the beach. The council rule is ineffective as it does not require the dogs to be on a leash, and it seems to do little to enforce its permitted times by law. Sadly, the dotterels’ days at Omaha are numbered.

Terry Simpson, Omaha

From March 2, dogs are permitted off-leash at all times at Omaha Beach Reserve. This rule applies until the Friday before Labour Weekend. During summer, dogs are prohibited from 10am to 6.30pm – Ed.


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