Getting to grips with new IRD system

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) implemented their new system in April. For taxpayers who were previously under the personal tax summary legislation, the IRD will now automatically complete your taxation requirements and will be issuing assessments...... Read More

Getting started

When setting up a new business it is important to get professional advice from an accountant and lawyer to ensure that there will be no unexpected problems later in the life of the business. It is important to first decide what kind of entity to trade...... Read More

Get involved

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who moved to Warkworth two years ago, who was telling me how difficult it was to meet people and how disconnected they felt as a local. The first question I asked was, “What have you done to become a part...... Read More

Changes in tax land

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has for some time been upgrading their entire taxation system, starting with GST last year and culminating in income tax and all other information being brought into the new system this month. The advantages of this...... Read More

United we stand

The benefits of having a strong, united voice for the wider Warkworth area have come to the fore with some significant gains achieved by One Warkworth recently. Following the Town Hall talk with Mahurangi Action, we are pleased Auckland Council has reconsidered...... Read More

KiwiSaver benefits

When KiwiSaver started in 2007, there was a lukewarm response to implementing a national superannuation plan. Little did the politicians of the time truly realise they were putting in the foundations for New Zealanders to build a savings culture and develop...... Read More

Traumatic news

As an accompaniment to life insurance, trauma cover is one of the most claimed insurances available and the majority of people would benefit from some level of cover. No I’m definitely not trying to sell everyone trauma cover – but statistically...... Read More

Keep the weir

Auckland Council’s wish to remove Warkworth’s historic Wilson Weir was the subject of a Town Hall Talk hosted by One Warkworth and Mahurangi Action on February 13. One Warkworth’s manager, Murray Chapman, facilitated presentations by...... Read More

Life insurance issues

There are a few key points to understand before taking out life insurance cover. Firstly, life insurance is not there to benefit the person with the cover. It is there to assist those that we leave behind. Usually this is our spouse and children under...... Read More

Starting a business in Mahurangi

Let’s face it, starting or relocating a business can be daunting. Getting premises and equipment sorted, organising staff and getting to know the area all require planning and effort. The good news is there’s lots of support in the wider Warkworth...... Read More