Life insurance issues

There are a few key points to understand before taking out life insurance cover. Firstly, life insurance is not there to benefit the person with the cover. It is there to assist those that we leave behind. Usually this is our spouse and children under...... Read More

Starting a business in Mahurangi

Let’s face it, starting or relocating a business can be daunting. Getting premises and equipment sorted, organising staff and getting to know the area all require planning and effort. The good news is there’s lots of support in the wider Warkworth...... Read More

Two cents worth at Christmas

By the time this article goes to print it we will be almost mid-December and even the Grinches amongst us will have to accept that Christmas is near. I love Christmas but I know all about the stresses it can bring where money is concerned and so these...... Read More

Shop local this Christmas

Christmas is on our doorstep and this means different things to different people. For some it is exciting, fun, they love the build up to Christmas day, and are at their happiest in the holiday season. For business owners it can mean different things...... Read More

Better together

Savvy business owners know that the success and value of a business is about more than just sales, suppliers and profitability. Other less measurable factors, like customer loyalty and community engagement, are also important. In fact, it can be said...... Read More

Keeping spirits up till Christmas

This is a time of year when people can get tired and are looking forward to summer holidays and Christmas, but there’s still 2.5 months to go. So while the thoughts of summer holidays are on the horizon, this is the time to make sure to finish...... Read More

3.99% on home loans?

The one-year rates advertised by big banks like ANZ have dropped again and are sitting on 4.15% as I write this article and drink my coffee. Being in the market for a re-finance of my own mortgage, I wonder if 3.99% (or even less) is achievable once again,...... Read More

Starting with staff

If you have been in business for some time, think back to the beginning and you’ll probably remember the growing pains, the excitement, the worry, your first clients, and people who supported you from the beginning. Businesses go through different...... Read More

Business concerns all

As a business association, we regard ourselves as the voice of business in our area, but the projects and issues we deal with often show that these impact residents as much as business. Earlier this year, One Warkworth took a 50 per cent share in the...... Read More

Full disclosure

When it comes to your life and health insurance, full disclosure is a must. Being human though, we do forget things and can innocently, or not, leave ourselves paying expensive premiums for an insurance policy that is never going to pay out. Think about...... Read More