Supercity sux

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I read Tracey Martin’s Viewpoint (MM July 5) asking how the Supercity is working. That’s easy. It isn’t. Tracey is not right that it was a National-led idea. The former Labour government appointed the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance in July 2007. It always seemed odd to me that National ran with it. The way things have panned out, it might be having second thoughts. Here are just a few examples of what’s wrong: Massive debt, expenses and wages blowout. Few of the promised economies of scale. Services cut. Rural rates siphoned off to fund metropolitan projects. Cumbersome, duplicated admin procedures. Inadequate maintenance of assets. Too little delegation to Boards. Also, failure to implement 32 recommendations of the Royal Commission. Had that been done we might not be in such a parlous state. But the killer is that Wellington and East Coast towns, having witnessed the Auckland debacle, voted not to have bar of amalgamation. That’s democracy!

John Clements, Orewa


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