Stop kidding ourselves

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Targeted rates are not OK (MM June 14).  By the time the targeted rate is split into three or four projects my road in N.W. Rodney will never be sealed. I moved here 15 years ago and thought at the time this road will never be sealed in my lifetime. I am right so far, but I accepted that this would be the case. Even then, under Rodney District Council, I never expected roads in N.W. Rodney to be sealed. The money was spent in Orewa and Hibiscus Coast. So "no thank you," I don’t want my rates increased one cent under any plan or scheme. As far as the Northern Action Group (NAG) is concerned, I feel they are dreaming too. We may not like the Supercity, but it is better to be aligned with a group with big money than just a small northern group of dreamers. NAG will require computers, cars, premises and a tea lady, and still my gravel road will remain unsealed. What happens when large expenditure items appear such as sewerage or water works for one of our growing towns?  I’ll tell you what will happen: our rates will go up just as they always do, and still my gravel road will not get sealed. So for better or worse, let’s just stay how we are and stop kidding ourselves that 600km of gravel roads will be sealed in the near future.

Bob McLaren, Wellsford


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