History - Punting in Mahurangi

Until the 1930s, there were few all-weather roads and ships were the main transportation in Mahurangi. Punts – flat-bottomed, shallow draught, small boats – were much used by early pioneers. They were around 6 to 7 metres long, with both bow...... Read More

History - Before the beginning

After four years, Puhoi historian and museum archivist Jenny Schollum has handed over her spot on the Mahurangi Matters’ roster of history contributors to me. In 1976, I was the founding president of the Puhoi Historical Society, later renamed...... Read More

History - Memories of black billy tea

Bev Ross recalls haymaking during her childhood ... I watched, fascinated, as the man cut two forked branches from a nearby ti-tree. He knocked them into the ground, forks up, and set them about one metre apart. A blackened billy, part filled with water,...... Read More

History - Congress in the ruins

Fifty years ago, from May 18 to 23, 1971, the Australasian Architecture Students Association Congress took over the Wilson Cement Works ruins in Warkworth. Over 300 participants, including musicians, came north after two days of proceedings in Auckland. The...... Read More

History - Snapshots of the Olympics

The museum at Mangawhai is constantly working hard to find ways in which to keep the doors open every day – as I’m sure all museums do during this most strange time in history where we are living during a pandemic. In our Special Exhibition...... Read More

History - Fascinated by the fleet

In August 1925, the American Battle Fleet visited Australia and New Zealand, marking the alliance between America and the British Empire. Albertland photographer Harold Marsh was enthusiastic about all things military, having been a lieutenant in the...... Read More

History - Founding of Morrison’s orchard

Edward Morrison was born in Auckland in 1850, eight years after his parents, Janet and John Morrison, had arrived on the Jane Gifford from Scotland. His father bought land on the western banks of the Mahurangi River when land was opened up for sale in...... Read More

History - Wharehine’s summer game

The earliest known records of cricket in Wharehine were in a settler’s diary for 1865 and 1866.  Considering the first Albertlanders only arrived in 1862, and were busy carving out their first homes, it was surprising how quickly they formed...... Read More

History - Retail therapy in early Puhoi

To shop local in Puhoi in the early 20th century, settlers had a choice of three stores: C. Schischka and Son, Schollum and Titford and Wenzlick and Co. I suspect each resident was staunchly loyal to their regular proprietor. Everything imaginable was...... Read More

History - Tales of the old Post Office

Before the reforms in the 1980s, the Post Office was an important part of every town. In Warkworth, the Post Office was housed in the building now occupied by Mahurangi Matters and Tailor Made Computers. Harry Best worked there from 1935 to 1956 as telegraphist,...... Read More