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Itchy and scratchy

When your pets are constantly scratching it is unsettling for the whole family. Unfortunately, most skin conditions take time to sort out completely. Nevertheless, there are some very good medications, which can provide almost instant relief from the...... Read More

This is the life

So I’ve been a little holiday piggy, waltzing around in a bikini, drenched in sun cream and barefoot on beaches, while all of you guys have been freezing your knackers off hiding under puffer jackets and umbrellas! That wasn’t very sporting...... Read More

Cellaring beer

The Germans have a saying, and it goes something like this, “Only drink beer in the shadow of the brewery”. It refers to their philosophy that fresh beer is best. While I would generally champion this line of thought, there is always an exception...... Read More

Supercity sux

I read Tracey Martin’s Viewpoint (MM July 5) asking how the Supercity is working. That’s easy. It isn’t. Tracey is not right that it was a National-led idea. The former Labour government appointed the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance...... Read More

Stop kidding ourselves

Targeted rates are not OK (MM June 14).  By the time the targeted rate is split into three or four projects my road in N.W. Rodney will never be sealed. I moved here 15 years ago and thought at the time this road will never be sealed in my lifetime....... Read More

Dementia care available

I want to respond to your article “Women preparing to tackle Warkworth dementia woes” (MM June 14). It said “Currently, there is no all-day respite care available in the area, which can provide quality care for sufferers and give their...... Read More

Doctors must listen

In support of Debating Vaccination by Eugene Sims (MM  July 5), my husband and I have two  children who are now in their 20s. Our daughter never had a problem with any of her vaccinations, so I wasn’t concerned when our son Josh came along...... Read More

Look at the facts

In reply to Cindy Lynch’s response to the Debating Vaccination article (MM July 5). I would like to point out that I was very careful not to add my personal view or opinion on whether I was pro- or anti-vaccination. Most of the thread of the Vaxxed...... Read More

Building claims refuted

Councillor Sayers (MM Jul 19) states that it is easier in Thames or elsewhere to get a building consent. Actually, my daughter and her husband have been waiting months for a building consent in Thames. The issue with housing is as much to do with the...... Read More

Kardashian-free news

Regular visitors to the Local Matters website may have noticed some changes. Earlier this year, we were approached by a publisher based in the Bay of Plenty who was keen to set up a national network of independent newspapers. The idea was to support one...... Read More