Muddy hell!

If I lay my eyes upon one more glossy flyer in the mail depicting children frolicking in shiny, clean gumboots, I’m going to lose my rag. This image is just too far removed from my current reality. Manufacturers can put whatever cute images on them...... Read More

Update on Bovis

While the outbreak and control measures to contain Mycoplasma Bovis have caused disruption to many farm businesses and considerable mental anguish, this has been mainly in the South Island. As of June 2018, only four or five properties have been found...... Read More

Splitting headaches

You guys have no idea how much I wish I was still embracing those hideous Jane Fonda fluoro leotards and leg warmers that I donned in the ’80s. I mean, I was never really fit and mostly those ole “grapevine” moves provoked inner thoughts...... Read More

Beating Bovis

The government has announced that they intend to attempt eradication of Mycoplasma Bovis. Although the disease is not zoonotic (in other words, it cannot be transmitted from animals to humans), it’s detrimental to animal welfare and hurts milk production....... Read More

Raging hormones in horses

Equine Cushing’s disease, also known as PPID (Pars Pituitary Intermedia Dysfunction), is a very common, but easily managed disease in horses. It primarily affects ponies and horses over 15 years of age, but has been seen in younger animals. A significant...... Read More

Autumn disease watch list

Here are three diseases owners of grazing animals should be on the lookout for during autumn and, with winter only two months away, a couple of things we should be planning for. Barber’s pole worm can cause ill-thrift (failure to grow) in ruminants...... Read More

Thanks for the memories

Apparently, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence and busted old sheep and beef farms are just so 2017. Our much-adored and long-serving farm manager and his partner have left us for the greener pastures of a deer farm, where velvet...... Read More

Fertile discussion

There are a lot of opinions about fertilizer requirements. Many people believe natural is good and artificial is bad. I am a simple person. When I put fertilizer on my garden the vegetables grow well and look better than store bought vegetables. When...... Read More

Surface tension

I doubt there is an inhabitant of Auckland who has not laid eyes on some form of grotesque and bloated wastage of ratepayer monies, but the current happenings in my community of Tapora would have to come fairly close to being a “cake topper”...... Read More

Troublesome teeth

Dental disease is one of the most common findings for small animal vets at routine visits such as for vaccinations and yearly health checks. Because dogs and cats are both a prey and predator species they are very good at hiding pain. So sore mouths often...... Read More