Mean beans

Looks like my broad bean dip is off the Christmas menu. Apparently, I am the nastiest mum in the world. These pointed allegations have been formulated by my family after I undertook the simple act of harvesting my broad beans. Of course, I was well aware...... Read More

Skin lumps and bumps

Many cats and dogs develop changes in or under the skin that result in alterations to the skin appearance or texture. There are many reasons for skin changes, and it is a good idea to get these changes checked out by your local veterinary professional....... Read More

Hedgehogs: Friend or foe?

Our Department of Conservation (DOC) classifies hedgehogs as introduced pests with voracious appetites that eat native invertebrates such as skinks and wetas and the eggs and chicks of ground-nesting birds. The file of hard evidence against them is growing....... Read More

Swarm season

If you are truly lucky you might come across prancing beekeepers at this time of the year – perhaps not dressed up in a red suit, nor astride a reindeer, but listen closely and they will definitely be humming that anticipated tune ’Tis the...... Read More

The indispensable jacket

So, what’s up with farmers and jackets anyway? And why was it that a simple walk on the farm with a featherless farm puffer jacket created the “great jacket debate” and added to the list of countless unsolved mysteries in my life? Observing...... Read More

Fury over fuel

Folks, she’s a pretty sad day when my shopping list-making skills start to surpass my creative writing skills. The price of fuel has forced me to adorn my fridge with lists and sends me into a panic attack if I leave home without them. Myself, and...... Read More

Doggy diets

There is a growing trend to feed dogs with new diets, such as raw food or grain-free. Over the last 15,000 years of domestication, dogs have evolved away from their ancestor the wolf and are now able to digest plant-based carbohydrates. So, in reality,...... Read More

Doggy dentistry

A huge percentage of consultations we see daily here at Wellsford Vet Clinic are for dental problems. Even when this is not the presenting problem, we often come across severe dental disease as an incidental finding. Good dental health is a critical component...... Read More

Pets in pain

Winter’s aches and pains are a reminder that we are not as supple and agile as we once were. The idea of jumping up onto the bench, table or bed are not the simple processes they once were. Muscles, ligaments and joints lose strength and flexibility...... Read More

Splitting headaches

You guys have no idea how much I wish I was still embracing those hideous Jane Fonda fluoro leotards and leg warmers that I donned in the ’80s. I mean, I was never really fit and mostly those ole “grapevine” moves provoked inner thoughts...... Read More