Fertile discussion

There are a lot of opinions about fertilizer requirements. Many people believe natural is good and artificial is bad. I am a simple person. When I put fertilizer on my garden the vegetables grow well and look better than store bought vegetables. When...... Read More

Surface tension

I doubt there is an inhabitant of Auckland who has not laid eyes on some form of grotesque and bloated wastage of ratepayer monies, but the current happenings in my community of Tapora would have to come fairly close to being a “cake topper”...... Read More

Troublesome teeth

Dental disease is one of the most common findings for small animal vets at routine visits such as for vaccinations and yearly health checks. Because dogs and cats are both a prey and predator species they are very good at hiding pain. So sore mouths often...... Read More

No excuses

  With the Christmas season over for another year, many families will be looking at their finances, which probably took a bit of a hammering. Not helped at all by record prices for some fruit and veggies including such staple items as kumara, pumpkin...... Read More

Planning and communication

Veterinarians spend a large amount of their time promoting changes in client behaviour to improve animal health, welfare and productivity. While we spend time talking and listening, clients spend time listening and talking. We don’t always hear...... Read More

Gardens are a humming

Finally, it happened! I was aimlessly watering the garden when my nostrils caught the first faint whiff floating on the evening breeze. My Italian lineage promptly went into *Lagotto Romagnolo mode and I was off at a trot, nostrils flared while gaining...... Read More

The enemy within

Why on earth do blowflies breed like blowflies? Surely this has to be the million-dollar question for summer 2017? My venomous hatred for blowflies is only surpassed by snails and slugs, and you should see my efforts to eradicate them! I mean, for goodness...... Read More

Poisonous chocolate

With the festive season approaching, I thought it might be a good time to revisit some of the information contained in the “Death by Chocolate” article I wrote about three years ago. Some of the foods we love can be dangerous for our pets,...... Read More

Slide on those boots

Close your eyes, hold my hand and walk with me to revisit some beautiful childhood memories that perhaps may be long lost and worn. A vision of your childhood self with gumboots abandoned on the field and mud squishing through your toes. The crisp spring...... Read More

Benefits of vaccination

The first vaccination occurred at the end of the 18th century, when Edward Jenner exposed a boy to cowpox then later exposed him to smallpox. As he suspected, the boy did not come down with smallpox. Exposure to something causing minor symptoms afforded...... Read More