Fabulous local beers triumph

The McLeod’s team celebrate the success of their Longboarder lager. Envelope please. The annual New Zealand Brewers Guild awards were held in Christchurch earlier this month. This is the pinnacle of the New Zealand brewing industry and where...... Read More

Time to relax. Yeah right.

Planting the dunes at Tawharanui. Now that most of this year’s plants are safely in the ground, you might think the Tossi team can relax. This year we planted almost 19,000 plants. These are a mix of more than 20 native species. The bulk...... Read More

Time to ditch electronic devices

Welcome summer, our elusive friend. Hopefully, the season will bring us all the vitamin D and outdoor enjoyment we need to boost our feel-good factor very soon. We’ll move our bodies and expand our physical and natural environments with picnics,...... Read More

Fixing a muddle for businesses

New Zealanders mostly work in businesses with less than 20 employees. Surprisingly, there are only 5100 or so companies with more than 50 employees. While there are many different forms of entities, including self-employed, companies, trusts and partnerships,...... Read More

Pulling together Puhoi’s past

It was not long after Puhoi’s centenary in 1963 that a real enthusiasm to preserve  Puhoi’s unique history started to grow among Puhoi villagers. In 1976 a public meeting nominated a committee to form a properly constituted historical...... Read More

Some dog owners

Runner Jackie Russell takes seriously Mahatma Gandhi’s advice to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” That thinking has led her to risk her neck scrambling down muddy banks to gather up and properly dispose of plastic bags...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Off the Record - 18 Ocotober 2017

Eric hands over the cash. Never underestimate a woman The Labour candidate for Rodney Marja Lubeck has plenty to smile about these days. Not only did she sweep into Parliament on the party list, she also received double the number of votes of the...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 18 October 2017

Honesty lacking   I dislike it intensely when people present opinion as fact. Councillor Greg Sayers, in his column last week, firstly presented one person’s opinion, in what was essentially a gossip column, as some sort of review of...... Read More

Fixing fiscal holes

As I write this edition of Money, the country is about to go to the polls and vote for who should run the country for the next three years. I can’t remember a campaign in the past 20 years or so that has been fixated on just one or two key issues. Where...... Read More

Captivating fairy prions dazzle in flight

Fairy prions are small petrels and their dove-like appearance gives them another name – dove petrels. In size, they are between Cook’s petrels and storm petrels, quite dainty birds, with pale grey plumage that has a soft blue cast. Across...... Read More

Communicating in bygone days

For the next few months, Mangawhai Museum has a special exhibition, “Bringing the World Closer,” on the topic of communications. The display depicts the variety of methods of communication since early human arrivals to the district and is...... Read More

Knowing Being

by Gerard Zwier Matakana author Gerard Zwier has written a book that spans various disciplines such as psychology, physics, biology, philosophy and ethology (the scientific study of animal behaviour ) to mention  a few. Zwier thinks the traditional...... Read More

A Gentleman in Moscow

by Amor Towles It is 1922 and the handsome Count Alexander Rostov has been summoned before the Emergency Committee of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs and accused of writing a counter-revolutionary poem. Only high-ranking friends...... Read More

The Price is Right

No, not another lame TV show, but a reference to the acronym PRICE. P for Protection, R for rest, I for Ice, C for compression and E for Elevation. This is the protocol for acute soft tissue injury care. For example, sprained joints and muscles, bruises,...... Read More

Thai creations

After two visits to Thailand, I have fallen in love with Thai food. It is fresh and simple (my most adored combination), and it is full of flavour. Generally, the Thais don’t use all the mass-produced, gluten-rich products that we often do in our...... Read More

Sounding off

It’s spring so the garden is full with a cacophony of bird song. Sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, doves, tui, kereru, rosellas, ducks and ducklings, turkeys and pukeko are all making a racket around my place. Nature is noisy. But there’s a...... Read More

Snells Beach Tree

  Contractors armed with chainsaws and axes brought to an end the campaign to save an historic Norfolk pine at Snells Beach last Thursday. Despite a last minute stand by Auckland resident Charlie Cottrell-Jury, who climbed the tree at 5.30am...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 4 October 2017

More Hill St blues I write in response to your article regarding Auckland Transport’s proposed new Matakana link road route (MM September 20). AT says that out of 221 submissions on this new link road, 35 per cent were in favour of Option D and...... Read More