High hopes

Voter turnout in New Zealand elections is woeful but there are signs that a stronger showing by Labour could get more people out on polling day; there is a feeling that this time, it could be a tight contest. The three Meet the Candidates sessions that...... Read More

Growing old’s not for wimps

Towards the end of this month I am turning 80. I feel like I need to say it often to myself to be convinced that I really will be 80 years old. I don’t know of anyone in my family who has lived to my age and I am grateful for good health and vitality. I...... Read More

Coast boom times

As the tsunami of growth continues across the Hibiscus Coast and wider Auckland, the sheer scale of this development is becoming increasingly apparent on the landscape. While it may appear unparalleled it is not without precedent as the history of Whangaparaoa...... Read More

The gift of Spring

Now that a profusion of Spring flowers is available, making those typical Victorian small circular nosegays of flowers and herbs, called tussie mussies can be a fun activity. The traditional tussie mussie, no more than 15cm in diameter, is composed...... Read More

Re-learning to sit up straight

Many of us work in desk-based roles that require sitting at desks and workstations for prolonged periods. The postures and practices that you adopt during the day can have a significant impact on your risk of developing pain, fatigue or stress, as well...... Read More

A legendary stockman

Big Bob Ross, around 1902, from the Harold Marsh collection. Robert (Big Bob) Ross was a renowned stockman in Albertland during the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was the eldest son of Robert S. Ross, who moved to Kaiwaka after working as a shepherd...... Read More

A winter’s tale

As we approach the end of the lambing and calving “spring” period (euphemism for winter), a number of farmers have already told me they are “over it”. It is a time of long work hours and this winter seems to have been particularly...... Read More

Slide on those boots

Close your eyes, hold my hand and walk with me to revisit some beautiful childhood memories that perhaps may be long lost and worn. A vision of your childhood self with gumboots abandoned on the field and mud squishing through your toes. The crisp spring...... Read More

Planning your home orchard

At this time of year, the occasional burst of sunshine is enough to create a general rush to garden centres to buy fruit trees and plants. Before you join in, just stop and do a little planning first. The first step is working out what crops will grow...... Read More

Movement on the vines

Spring is a special time, symbolic of rebirth and renewal along with the warming and lengthening days and the promise of summer to come. For those whose living comes from the land, spring marks the beginning of a new year in a very real way. This is the...... Read More

Heading into a general election

The general election will be held on September 23. The election allows us, the people of New Zealand/Aotearoa to have a direct influence on who will represent us in parliament by means of voting. Voting is important. It is a privilege, a responsibility...... Read More

A visit to Hauturu (1934)

Isabella Hamilton I recently found an article written by my grandmother, Isabella Hamilton, (nee Wilson) after a much longed for visit to Hauturu in the summer of 1934 when she and friends spent three weeks on the island. This portion of the article...... Read More

Sold a pup

It has been six years and 10 months since Rodney Hide visited Wellsford and informed us all we were going to be dragged into the Auckland Supercity, whether we liked it or not. Nobody has seen Hide nor hair of him since. We were told that we would have:...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Off the Record - 20 September 2017

Hardly recognisable Come election time, political candidates are fond of having their faces emblazoned on billboards all around the electorate. Alas, Rodney MP Mark Mitchell must wonder if the investment is worth it.  While rubbing shoulders with...... Read More

The road of accelerated growth...

The appalling state of north Rodney’s roads is being blamed on the weather. While Auckland Transport (AT) won’t provide figures on how many calls it is receiving about the roads in the north, Rodney Local Board chair Beth Houlbrooke confirms...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 20 September 2017

Damage wrought Gareth Morgan’s research claims that most people vote tribally, as if they were backing a sports team, regardless of how their party is performing. National Party loyalists, though, should really reflect on the damage the government...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - September 2017

Not for tourists Peter Evans, Orewa. Published September 20, 2017. I note with concern the proposal to develop over 15,000 square metres of land on the corner of Millwater Parkway and Bankside Rd with the aim to devote 62 percent of the development...... Read More

Local board on track

Well we have had some exciting news on the Penlink front over the last week or so (HM August 16). We have all been working hard to get a positive outcome but nothing is set in place yet. Even if Penlink was to be advanced and in the 2018-2028 ATAP list,...... Read More

Online safety advice

While so much is positive about today’s technology, the risk of harm has also increased. Now, more than ever, access to content that is violent or pornographic has become easy and we are seeing the effects of this in our work with young people...... Read More