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Sobering viewing

Outside of a controlled fire within a household fireplace or garden incinerator, most people will never experience the intensity and heat of a large fire. The New Zealand Fire Service has developed an online interactive ‘virtual reality experience’,...... Read More

Become a stalker

Do you eat broccoli stalks? If not, why not? Maybe you were only served the florets as a child, and you’ve never thought about eating the stalks – yet broccoli stalks are both edible and delicious. When you throw away a broccoli stalk you...... Read More

Precious time

Why are patients called patients? The root word has the meaning of undergo, suffer or bear. But what it makes me think of is waiting. Patients do a lot of waiting. We even have special rooms for the purpose. I did propose that we redefine our waiting...... Read More

Debating vaccination

Vaccination is a subject that often results in strongly divided opinions, heated debates and much controversy. So much so that when the recent Vaxxed movie was screened it was shut down in some places. The purpose of this article is not to scaremonger...... Read More

I have a hunch

Some people are concerned that the amount of time slouched over portable electronic devices is leading to back and neck pains, and associated treatment needed. The problem has been dubbed ‘the iHunch’. Before you go throwing your iDevice...... Read More

Growing ‘bus culture’

On an average week I use five different modes of transport to get from A to B – ferry, car, bus, walking and recently skateboarding (although after falling off a skateboard and fracturing my ankle I might have to give that a miss from now on). From...... Read More

Brain power

The way you fulfil your role as a parent or caregiver is incredibly important to how your baby’s brain develops. A baby’s brain is undeveloped at birth. Although the basic brain architecture is formed during pregnancy, a newborn’s brain...... Read More

Getting the lowdown

Who’s up for a session then? A what? Well, you know, an afternoon where all we do is sit around eat food and drink beer. It is, of course, a very Kiwi thing to do … isn’t it? The problem now with all these new beers floating about is...... Read More

Shedding light on the lights

It’s a question we hear almost daily and, with cars becoming more and more ‘intelligent’, it’s not surprising. The sight of an engine check light appearing on your vehicle’s dash is enough to throw your day into disarray....... Read More

Preparing for winter

After a short and dismal summer, it seems an equally short and dismal autumn is leading into an early, grey, cold and damp winter! With some preparation, it is possible to make life a bit easier for both gardeners and the crops they grow. It’s a...... Read More