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Measuring a fever

My kids aren’t babies anymore. However, I still remember those days vividly –especially the things you experience with your first child. The worry about whether or not you are doing the right thing, and when medical help is needed. A fever...... Read More

Terrific tools

I had a moment of nostalgia last week. While pruning the grapevines, I literally stumbled over my old secateurs that I had lost during the summer prune. These Felco 2 secateurs have been my trusty companion for more than three decades now; still with...... Read More

Learning for life

Homebuilders Family Services has been given an exciting opportunity to provide a four module gardening workshop for the ultimate beginner in Terms 3 and 4. This will involve learning about soils, what to plant, where and when to plant, different styles...... Read More

Seeking new pastures

Twenty years, two months,  one week, four days, nineteen hours and what seemed like the shortest trip to my children’s bus stop I have ever taken. This is the time frame of years since I had my first baby. My last one started school the other...... Read More

Putting Matakana on the map

In wine terms, a Geographic Indicator (GI)is something that has been around for a long time. The origins go back to the 1750s in the Douro region of Portugal, where producers, unable to sate English demand, started to blend their wines with pale, inferior...... Read More

Sobering viewing

Outside of a controlled fire within a household fireplace or garden incinerator, most people will never experience the intensity and heat of a large fire. The New Zealand Fire Service has developed an online interactive ‘virtual reality experience’,...... Read More

Become a stalker

Do you eat broccoli stalks? If not, why not? Maybe you were only served the florets as a child, and you’ve never thought about eating the stalks – yet broccoli stalks are both edible and delicious. When you throw away a broccoli stalk you...... Read More

Precious time

Why are patients called patients? The root word has the meaning of undergo, suffer or bear. But what it makes me think of is waiting. Patients do a lot of waiting. We even have special rooms for the purpose. I did propose that we redefine our waiting...... Read More

Debating vaccination

Vaccination is a subject that often results in strongly divided opinions, heated debates and much controversy. So much so that when the recent Vaxxed movie was screened it was shut down in some places. The purpose of this article is not to scaremonger...... Read More

I have a hunch

Some people are concerned that the amount of time slouched over portable electronic devices is leading to back and neck pains, and associated treatment needed. The problem has been dubbed ‘the iHunch’. Before you go throwing your iDevice...... Read More